Beast INU
4 min readFeb 15, 2022


The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problem.

As of the writing time of this article, It’s been less than 48 hours since $BEAST Token is live on the Ethereum blockchain. but the reach, excitement and growth was way more than what was expected and is still going non-stop. Life has a funny way of going 0–100. and we embrace it.

launching and managing a token is not just being able to code; It’s more like a multi-dimensional business managing with so many parts to take on: how do we sustain growth for people who believe in us? how do we address the concerns in the anonymous world of Crypto? how are the thousands/millions of holders are going to equally take part in the token’s future and progress? what are the goals of the community and how to we ensure reaching them?

This article tries to cover these questions and give readers a report of what has already happened and what’s next.

So what’s Beast Inu anyways?

Beast Inu is a community driven peer to peer payment system (token) native to the Ethereum blockchain. With its ticker named ‘$BEAST’, the token had a fair launch on Uniswap on the 13th Feb 2022. It is a medium for transactions and a monetary system on its own, with a smart coding that benefits loyal holders with rewards and protection from big wallets and toxic participants. (a.k.a. whales). BEAST’s Name is inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s Puli dog. According to the CEO of META, his interests include “herding things, cuddling, loving, and eating”.

The token came to life with a fair launch: No tokens for the team members, 100% of the tokens emitted for the liquidity pool, starting with a totally locked liquidity and no Private-sales, Pre-sales, OTC deals, etc. we wanted to make a fair token with meme-coin enthusiasm and a culture resembling Satoshi’s vision: a purely decentralized trust-less peer-to-peer version of electronic assets.

But this was not our only step to make things fair. with a balanced Token economics (Tokenomics) in Beast’s smart contract, we wanted to ensure a long-term and sustainable growth:

Beast Inu Tokenomics. source: $Beast’s website

For more transparency, we now look further into each part of the token’s structure and try to explain how it all works:

Liquidity Tax | 6% Buys, 6% Sells: This is one of the most important parts of the Beast’s Contract; as liquidity determines everything else in a free market. with each and every transaction made with Beast Inu, No matter buy or sell, the participants are helping the ecosystem’s growth. as days go by and more and more transactions submit to the blockchain, $BEAST liquidity will have a bigger percentage of it’s whole market valuation; meaning it will be more liquid; meaning more people will be able to safely join us. this is an essential part of the ecosystem as larger capital can be injected to its market valuation by bigger participants. this is what made our ancestors like the great Dogecoin or Shib claim the success that we all know about. The liquidity is also locked and verifiable by everyone.

Marketing Tax | 2% Buys, 7% Sells: Those who were with us from the first steps already understand the impact of good marketing strategies that were implemented by the team. Sadly most of the tokens in a community-owned space like Crypto forget this aspect: they lack a truly branded design system and identity structure. Before the launch, we have spent weeks to create this remarkable identity and after that, we used it to push the token into the eyes of the masses. The marketing taxes are and will be used for creating social media engagement, more reach and real life advertising campaigns throughout Mega cities like Newyork, London, Paris, Tokyo and Dubai. Our next plans include expanding our marketing team and partnering with Ad Agencies to have unlimited access to a professional platform which will be used to make $Beast grow faster.

Development Tax | 2% Buys, 2% Sells: The development tax will be used to further expand our official website, the coming Meta DApps, our mobile app, our NFT platform and to ensure the security of the project/smart contracts as we grow larger. We always look for the best talents in the industry to help us achieve our goals and expand the team.

What has happened so far?

Since the inception of Beast Inu two days ago, we have already achieved a handful of our initial goals:
- $BEAST has reached to $1,200,000 USD Market valuation.
- Beast currently has around $250,000 USD Liquidity on its Uniswap pool.
- Our social media Accounts and informative website has launched with over 500 community members and they are growing exponentially.
- Beast Inu has been able to catch the attention of respected and well-known community members and gain trust in the De-fi ecosystem.
- ongoing contests and giveaways has brought value back to our investors and community members.
- The $BEAST token is now fairly distributed among more than 300 investors.

What Now?

As stated at the start of this article, the reach, excitement and growth was exponentially bigger than what was expected and with the power of a strong community, we are going to achieve more in the near future. The team is currently working to setup the DAO and start the charitable efforts which will be planned and decided by our investors, and the DApp and Meta NFT passes are getting ready to be released (which all will soon have full explanatory articles).

This is only the beginning. are you ready, anon?